Jean-philippe faillie aka "Phil Spread"


Jean-Philippe Faillie aka Phil Spread is a French sound engineer, mixer and producer from Northern France. 


As a self-taught creator, he first went on learning by doing, with his intense curiosity and great passion for music/sound. 

He then got to pursue his apprenticeship training with well-known sound engineers like Fab Dupont, Andrew Scheps or even Ryan West. 


In 2011, he starts to develop and support regional artistic projects in his home-studio, and then creates his own professional studio, AUDIOBLEND, in Roubaix in 2015, in which he’s currently working. 


With more than 150 projects realized, including collaborations with international artists such as Reverie,  Merty Shango, Ours Samplus, Sara Sara , and Frenchies like Eddy De Pretto, Ladaniva, Kamini, Bekar, Vicky R, JNR, Sofiane Pamart or also Freko Ding (ATK). He’s very well renowned in his region and keeps expanding and collaborating throughout France and abroad.

highlights :